1. ◤JUKI - Item Selection
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    3. ◤JUKI Household Sewing Machine
    4. ◤SHING LING Industrial Sewing Machine
    5. ◤SIRUBA - Item Selection
    6. ◤SIRUBA - Model List
    7. ◤AOYAMA Bag Closing Machine
    8. ◤HO HSING Energy Saving Servo Motor
    9. ◤Direct Motor for Overlock
    1. ◤ SUPREME Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine
    2. ◤SUPREME Automatic Punching and Pattern Sewing Machine
    3. ◤SUPREME Automatic Elastic Ribbon Splicing Machine
    4. ◤SUPREME Automatic Heat Transfer Label Printing Machine
    5. ◤SUPREME Flat Buttonhole Sewing Machine
    6. ◤SUPREME Automatic Coil Elastic Ribbon
    7. ◤SUPREME Automatic Ultrasonic Welding Machine
    8. ◤Automatic Coverstitch Bottom Hemmer
    9. ◤LEMAN Automatic Template Sewing Machine
    10. ◤UZU Automatic Front Placket Machine
    11. ◤JUKI Automatic Button Feeder
    12. ◤Automatic Elastic Loop Joined Sewing Machine
    13. ◤KMG Ultrasonic Cutting Machine/Auto-cutting Machine
    14. ◤KMG Automatic Button Feeder
    1. ◤Cutting Equipments
    2. ◤EASTMAN Cutting Series
    3. ◤KM Cutting Series
    4. ◤JWEI RCO3 Template PVC Cutting Plotter
    5. ◤JWEI EDO3A Flatbed Cutting Plotter
    6. ◤Dino Cutting System
    7. ◤Laser Cutting Machine
    8. ◤AOYAMA Trademark Shredding Machine
    9. ◤AOYAMA Cutting M/C
    10. ◤AOYAMA End Cutter
    11. ◤AOYAMA Round Cutter
    12. ◤KL Cutting Machine
    13. ◤MicroTop Round Cutter
    14. ◤MicroTop Auto End Cutter
    15. ◤MicroTop Cloth Marking Drill
    16. ◤MicroTop Cloth Unwinding Rack
    17. ◤ALLSTAR Mini Cutter
    18. ◤Sulee Cutting Series
    19. ◤OLFA Rotary Cutter
    20. ◤BandKnife Machine
    21. ◤Strip Cutter
    22. ◤Knife Sharpener
    23. ◤Others
    1. ◤H&H
    2. ◤THERMOTRON Automatic Folding Machine
    3. ◤HASHIMA
    4. ◤NAOMOTO
    6. ◤KMG Automatic Pasting & Gluing Machine
    7. ◤KMG Labeling Machine
    8. ◤HEZO Needle Detector
    9. ◤Impulse Sealer
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    2. ◤H&H
    3. ◤K-Sonic
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    4. ◤Suction Device
    5. ◤LOiVA Button Wrapping & Knotting Machine
    6. ◤Racing Computerized Metering Device
    7. ◤Racing Puller Attachment
    8. ◤Racing Supplementary Device
    9. ◤HEZO Laser Marker
    10. ◤R-ONE Electro Light for Sewing
    11. ◤R-ONE LED
    12. ◤SICAMA LED
    13. ◤New Brain Machine Light
    14. ◤Schroder Sample Cutter
    15. ◤Humana Button Tester
    16. ◤AOYAMA Regulator
    17. ◤Garment Testing Equipment
    18. ◤Automatic Labeller
    19. ◤Shihlin Electric Inverter
    20. ◤FUSHENG Air Compressor
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    4. ◤Organ Needle
    5. ◤Schmetz Needle
    6. ◤Groz-Beckert Needle
    7. ◤Golden Eagle Knives and Spare Parts
    8. ◤Hezo Special Presser Foot
    9. ◤Stainless Steel Gloves
    10. ◤Iron Parts
    11. ◤Boiler Parts
    12. ◤Scissors Series
    13. ◤Sample Room Accessories
    14. ◤Fusing and Needle Detector Spare Parts
    15. ◤Garment Chemical Products
    16. ◤Cleaning & Stain Remover
    17. ◤PVC / Tapes for Pattern Cutting

    18. ◤Germany MARTOR blade
    19. ◤USA Klever Blade

  HEZO Special Presser Foot


HEC-2284-GS Edge Cutting Gauge Set

Spare parts for Kansai Special

1508P 4 needles gauge set

KP404G K.S. 1404PSF Shirt Front Guilding Feet

KP508G K.S. 1508 Compensation Presser Feet

HZ1508-CLP Waistband Lower Compensating Pullers

HZM1508 Under-thread Skipping Device

HZ842 Double Needle Gauge Set with Center Knife (for Placket)

Thread Trimmer

JUKI LH-3128-7

BROTHER B842-430

BROTHER B842-405


JUKI LH-3128





Special (Longer Needle Plate)

JUKI LH-1152

JUKI LH-1152-7

Hinged Compensation Presser Foot












Presser Foot for Corset



B1524-012-0A0 Standard Feet

B1524-412-0A0 Standard Feet for Needle Feet

B1511-543-BA0 Standard Feet for Heavy Duty

B1524-522-NAA Feet for Side Cutter

P50H High Step Shirring Feet

P50N Narrow Shirring Feet

P5 Top Ply Joining Shirring Feet

P5W Top Ply Joining Shirring Feet (Wide)

P500 Adjustable Top Joining Shirring Feet

A227 (S537) Elastic Shirring Feet

S5180NS Invisible Zipper Feet with Center Guide

Shirring Presser Feet

P950 (S950) Adjustable Shirring Feet

P952 Finely Adjustable Shirring Feet

S955 Finely Adjustable Shirring Feet

B1524-431-0A0 Shirring Feet

P50 Standard Shirring Feet

B1524-481-CBO Sliding Feet

FT-A015 Sliding Feet

Special Presser Foot

CL-NS Left Compensating Feet for Zipper

CR-NS Right Compensating Feet for Zipper

HP9000L Left Compensating Feet for Thin Material

HP9000R Right Compensating Feet for Thin Material

HL-1 Left Compensating Feet for Folder

HR1 Right Compensating Feet for Folder

HL-31E Left Compensating Feet(Edge/invisible Stitch)

HR-31E Right Compensating Feet(Edge/invisible Stitch)

HL-N Left Narrow Compensating Feet for Heavy Duty/Cross Seam

HR-N Right Narrow Compensating Feet for Heavy Duty/Cross Seam

HL-E Left Compensating Feet for Heavy Duty(Wide)

HR-E Right Compensating Feet for Heavy Duty(Wide)

CR-S Right Compensating Feet for Thin/Knitting Material

SP-705 Left Compensating Feet for Folder

SP-747 Compensation Presser Feet for Tape

ZR1/32A Collar Attaching Feet(needle hole on right toe)

ZR1/32C Runstitching Collar Feet(needle hole on right toe)

HP5556R Compensating Bird Nest Prevention Feet(for Automatic Thread Trimmer Machine)

HZ5556W Bird Nest Prevention Feet(for Thread Trimmer Machine)

ZD Feet for HZF9000BH Sleeves Attachment HZF9000BH

HR-12TF Tube Feet

HR-12T Replacement Tube

HR-12F Feet

SP-25 Feet with Right Compensating Guide(2-step)

SP-18L Left Compensating Guide Feet for Heavy Duty/ Cross Seam

SP-18 Right Compensating Guide Feet for Heavy Duty/ Cross Seam

SP-19 Hemming Feet with Edge Guide

SP-98 Feet for HZF98 Tucking Attachment HZF98

SP-102 Feet for HZF102 Sleeves Attachment HZF102

SP-733 Hemming Feet with Edge Guide

SP-734 Hemming Feet for Tube

P500 Adjustable Top Joining Shirring Feet

P363 Zipper Feet

HP363 Up Tail Feet Zipper Feet for Heavy Duty

S5180NS Invisible Zipper Feet with Center Guide

HP58N Narrow Feet for Heavy Duty

P351S Up Taiol Feet with small hole for Thin Material

P35GK Standard Feet with Needle Guard and Thread Cutter

ZP Double Compensating Feet

HL-13 Hemming Feet

CHL-13 Left Compensating Hemmer and Folding Feet(wide)

CL-N Left Compensating Narrow Feet

CR-N Right Compensating Narrow Feet

CL-E Left Compensating Regular Feet

CR-E Right Compensating Regular Feet

154628-001 Turret Presser Feet Assembly

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