1. ◤JUKI - Item Selection
    2. ◤JUKI - Model List
    3. ◤JUKI Household Sewing Machine
    4. ◤SHING LING Industrial Sewing Machine
    5. ◤SIRUBA - Item Selection
    6. ◤SIRUBA - Model List
    7. ◤AOYAMA Bag Closing Machine
    8. ◤HO HSING Energy Saving Servo Motor
    9. ◤Direct Motor for Overlock
    1. ◤ SUPREME Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine
    2. ◤SUPREME Automatic Punching and Pattern Sewing Machine
    3. ◤SUPREME Automatic Elastic Ribbon Splicing Machine
    4. ◤SUPREME Automatic Heat Transfer Label Printing Machine
    5. ◤SUPREME Flat Buttonhole Sewing Machine
    6. ◤SUPREME Automatic Coil Elastic Ribbon
    7. ◤SUPREME Automatic Ultrasonic Welding Machine
    8. ◤Automatic Coverstitch Bottom Hemmer
    9. ◤LEMAN Automatic Template Sewing Machine
    10. ◤UZU Automatic Front Placket Machine
    11. ◤JUKI Automatic Button Feeder
    12. ◤Automatic Elastic Loop Joined Sewing Machine
    13. ◤KMG Ultrasonic Cutting Machine/Auto-cutting Machine
    14. ◤KMG Automatic Button Feeder
    1. ◤Cutting Equipments
    2. ◤EASTMAN Cutting Series
    3. ◤KM Cutting Series
    4. ◤JWEI RCO3 Template PVC Cutting Plotter
    5. ◤JWEI EDO3A Flatbed Cutting Plotter
    6. ◤Dino Cutting System
    7. ◤Laser Cutting Machine
    8. ◤AOYAMA Trademark Shredding Machine
    9. ◤AOYAMA Cutting M/C
    10. ◤AOYAMA End Cutter
    11. ◤AOYAMA Round Cutter
    12. ◤KL Cutting Machine
    13. ◤MicroTop Round Cutter
    14. ◤MicroTop Auto End Cutter
    15. ◤MicroTop Cloth Marking Drill
    16. ◤MicroTop Cloth Unwinding Rack
    17. ◤ALLSTAR Mini Cutter
    18. ◤Sulee Cutting Series
    19. ◤OLFA Rotary Cutter
    20. ◤BandKnife Machine
    21. ◤Strip Cutter
    22. ◤Knife Sharpener
    23. ◤Others
    1. ◤H&H
    2. ◤THERMOTRON Automatic Folding Machine
    3. ◤HASHIMA
    4. ◤NAOMOTO
    6. ◤KMG Automatic Pasting & Gluing Machine
    7. ◤KMG Labeling Machine
    8. ◤HEZO Needle Detector
    9. ◤Impulse Sealer
    1. ◤Aoyama
    2. ◤H&H
    3. ◤K-Sonic
    1. ◤Labor Saving Device
    2. ◤Accessories
    3. ◤Cutter Device
    4. ◤Suction Device
    5. ◤LOiVA Button Wrapping & Knotting Machine
    6. ◤Racing Computerized Metering Device
    7. ◤Racing Puller Attachment
    8. ◤Racing Supplementary Device
    9. ◤HEZO Laser Marker
    10. ◤R-ONE Electro Light for Sewing
    11. ◤R-ONE LED
    12. ◤SICAMA LED
    13. ◤New Brain Machine Light
    14. ◤Schroder Sample Cutter
    15. ◤Humana Button Tester
    16. ◤AOYAMA Regulator
    17. ◤Garment Testing Equipment
    18. ◤Automatic Labeller
    19. ◤Shihlin Electric Inverter
    20. ◤FUSHENG Air Compressor
    1. ◤Production Control System
    1. ◤fitting avatar (model)
    2. ◤Brand Introduction
    3. ◤Genuine Parts
    4. ◤Organ Needle
    5. ◤Schmetz Needle
    6. ◤Groz-Beckert Needle
    7. ◤Golden Eagle Knives and Spare Parts
    8. ◤Hezo Special Presser Foot
    9. ◤Stainless Steel Gloves
    10. ◤Iron Parts
    11. ◤Boiler Parts
    12. ◤Scissors Series
    13. ◤Sample Room Accessories
    14. ◤Fusing and Needle Detector Spare Parts
    15. ◤Garment Chemical Products
    16. ◤Cleaning & Stain Remover
    17. ◤PVC / Tapes for Pattern Cutting

    18. ◤Germany MARTOR blade
    19. ◤USA Klever Blade

  Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

KG-2400     Ultrasonic Cutting Machine(Auto-chamge Knife)   

KG-2100     Ultrasonic Cutting Machine(Right Angle)              

KG-2200     Ultrasonic Cutting Machine(Right Angle/Bevel)

KG-150HX  Auto-cutting Machine(Multi-function, Bevel Cutter)

KG-150H    Auto-cutting Machine(Multi-function, Hot Cutter)

KG-150LR   Auto-cutting Machine(Multi-function, Cold &Hot Cutter)

KG-150L     Auto-cutting Machine(Multi-function, Cold Cutter)

KG-130LR  Heavy-duty(Cold& Hot) Knife Cutter

KG-130L Heavy-duty  Cold Knife Cutter

KG-120LR Auto-belt Loop Cutter (Cold& Hot)

KG-120H Hot Knife Cutter

KG-120L Cold Knife Cutter

KG-120R Velcro Tape Round Shape Cutter

KG-120H/300M Hot Knife Cutter With Auto-feeder

KG-120HX Hot Knife Cutter(Bevel/Straight)

KG-120HL Label Cold Knife Cutter

KG-120HLR Label Cutter(cold& hot)

KG-120SH Auto-Label Hot Knife Cutter

KG-110LR Economic belt loop cutter(Cold &hot)

KG-110H Economic Hot Knife Cutter

KG-110L Economic Cold Knife Cutter

KG-110R Economic Velcro Tape Round Cutter

KG-300S/300M Tape Feeder

KG-812/815/817 Belf Cutter(Cold & Hot)

KG-818 Velcro Tape Cutter(Round)

  • Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

  • Auto-cutting Machine